noSIM6 is a DIN rail device which enables remote control of lighting lines. It’s connected to the Cloud through LoRaWAN™ technology and does not require a mobile cellular subscription, resulting in cost efficiencies for public lighting infrastructures operation and maintenance.

Smart in different ways



noSIM6 is installed in distribution boards, no action on light fixtures is required. The device is connected to a Cloud intelligence which compares real consumption of the electric line with fixtures nameplate data: failures are thus detected with the precision of a point-to-point system.


SIM free

Communication with noSIM6 happens through LoRaWAN, a protocol supporting the transmission of millions of messages up to 10 kilometers away from the access point. LoRaWAN does not require any subscription costs and you don’t need to have a mobile data plan for each device.


Easy integration

You can easily integrate noSIM6 with any other existing IT system. Thanks to standard APIs, any software may exchange information with noSIM6 without requiring a deep knowledge of the system keeping a high level of security.


Long range

noSIM6 uses a low-power protocol allowing long-distance communication, with a range of about 10 km in the open air, 5 km in semi-urban environments and 2 km in densely populated urban areas. Data transfer rate varies from 300 bits per second to 37,5 kilobits per second.



Transmission security is guaranteed by three encryption layers: a Unique Network key (EUI64) for network-layer security, a Unique Application key (EUI64) for application-layer security and a Device Specific Key (EUI128). Additionally, noSIM6 uses AES-128 encryption keys, making virtually impossible any interception or alteration of communications.



LoRaWAN™ operates in the sub-gigahertz frequency bands, being less harmful to humans than other wireless communications such as Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G. This protocol is made to operate in the 868 MHz Free ISM frequency band, which provides for a maximum ERP of 25 mW (about 14dBm).


Automatic geolocation

noSIM6 is equipped with a GPS module which allows automatic device positioning and sunrise and sunset times computation. It is also possible to view the position of all the installed noSIM6 devices in a single interactive interface, the Maps application.


Remote configuration

Several noSIM6 operating parameters can be remotely changed. For example, you can change on/off instants against the computed sunrise and sunset times, you can force the relay status to test proper line functioning, check which Modbus devices are installed and install new ones, change the device LoRaWAN TM address.


Chip temperature

noSIM6 is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, allowing you to monitor up to date operating conditions, with custom alarms when the measured values exceeds a certain threshold.

Ready in 3 steps

Technical Specifications

Default Cloud Services

Energy Meter

The Energy Meter App enables to see real-time consumption data of the line segment. This way you can keep track of your consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It also enables to download the history in PDF for any in-depth analysis. Data collected by this app is processed in real time by AI algorithms, which can deduce any anomalies by crossing them with the data of the individual lighting, and promptly report it to the administrators and maintainers.
Energy Meter App
Maintenace App


The Maintenance app allows you to check and manage all assets maintenance. Through the app it is possible to open, charge and consequently close ordinary and extraordinary maintenance tickets. The app has different levels of interaction based on the user's privileges that displays it, so a municipal operator is able to report malfunctions, and the administrator will assign the new ticket to a maintainer who will take care of it. The app also allows to track all of the above operations, that also can be viewed on the Calendar screen or searched through the section.


The Maps app integrates Google Maps in order to create tailored assets and place them on the map through an intuitive drag & drop interface. Once the asset is placed, with a simple click on its icon, it becomes interactive and you can access manually all the information entered or coming from the devices. If an asset is under maintenance, the option "bring me here" on the board of each asset allows you to start the guided navigation to facilitate the quick intervention of the operator. The App provides different levels of access depending on the user privileges, so the geolocation service can be either located in the PA for the eventual display of the status of the georeferenced installation on the map.
Maps App
Scheduler App


The Scheduler app allows to set time in order to turn on/off the lines. The app allows to schedule the activation of groups of lights at the same time, with the possibility to indicate different timetables for different slots (Example: slot 1 - from January to May, slot 2 – from June to September, slot 3– from September to December).

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