Solid foundations


When installed in distribution boards it allows the digitization of energy consumption, sensors and actuators.

Apio Gateway

It collects data from DIN8 devices installed in the building and sends it to ApioOS Cloud through an internet connection.

ApioOS Cloud

Specifically designed to remotely analyze and control buildings, it allows the creation of tailored rules and Dashboards.

Remote control? Real-time Cloud Control!

Through WebApps you can monitor your consumption, proper functioning of AHUs, heating and cooling systems, safety systems and much else.


The system is designed to process thousands of data per second and compile results in real-time, keeping the highest performance levels regardless of the amount of connected devices.


Ease of integration

ApioOS uses and exposes several leading API technologies, like HTTP RESTful, WebSokcet and MQTT. This makes the integration with other information systems, such as SAP, Zucchetti or SalesForce, a quick and easy job.

No masonry and cabling costs

ApioDIN Line devices communicate through the patented Apio Mesh Wireless technology.

This technology creates a private, safe, and self-configuring network. The special encoding through which messages pass from one device to another guarantees zero interferences with existing Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless means no cables, so no wiring and masonry costs, but also fast and easy installation and configuration.
Installation costs comparison between ApioDIN line and other systems by the largest players on the market, as appraised by 3 different installers.

Standard Mode

When operating in Standard Mode, the Gateway creates a Mesh network connecting all the DIN8 devices installed in the various floors of the builing. This operating mode is recommended for multi-room buildings where each space needs to be remotely controlled.

Differentiated Mode

When operating in Differentiated Mode, DIN8 devices can be connected to different Gateways while still appearing as a single system on the Cloud Platform. This operating mode is recommended for big buildings where digitalization of spaces is not yet planned in all floors.

Plug&Play: no change in network configuration is required

Apio Gateway is able to connect to the internet without requiring additional network configurations. The gateway connects to ApioOS Cloud through WebSocket technology, avoiding the need of specific configurations on company firewalls.

Apio Gateway is the meeting point between DIN8 installed inside buildings and the ApioOS Cloud, allowing the connection to intertnet of more than 200 DIN8 devices always using a single LAN IP address.

The connection of a DIN8 device to an Apio Gateway is fully automated: when you power on an Apio DIN device it starts searching for an Apio Gateway in range, the two devices establish an exchange of encripted security keys and configure the network according to their needs.

Apio DIN8... endless possibilities!

Through its physical interfaces you will be able to digitize energy meters, AHUs, heating and cooling systems, safety systems and much else.

Technical Specifications


Power 85-230Vac
Wireless 802.11n / Bluetooth / LWM IEEE 802.15.4 / GPRS / 2G / 3G / EnOcean / Z-wave
Ethernet 10/100
CPU QuadCortex A53 @ 1.2GHz
Ports USB


Power 12-24Vdc
Wireless LWM IEEE 802.15.4
RF Power 20dBm
Indoor range 8m
Outdoor range 15m
ADC 6 da 0-10V, 0-20mA
DAC 2 at 0-10V, 0-5V | 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Relays 6 da 10A, 250 Vac
Digital Inputs 8 da massimo 30Vdc
Digital Outputs 8 da 12-24Vdc
Ports RS232 / RS485 / USB
DIN rail 8-DIN modules

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