It's an App...

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Utility Manager
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Temperature Comfort
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...that is more than a simple App.

A simple App is an App that is bound with your devices and is limited to the specific use that is designed for. An ApioOS App, instead, live in your Cloud giving you the freedom to use it everywhere and from every device. Moreover, an App in ApioOS connects with every compatible object and service so that you can use your object in a new way every time you open it!

A deeply connected system.

The ApioOS software architecture is designed to enable the exchange of information between Apps, so that they can work together. Each App can fetch data and use the functions of another one while being confined in its own container. Thanks to the interconnection of the Apps, the system is capable of evolve its functionalities.

It grows with you.

Every App in ApioOS has an heart and a brain! Every App has it's on intelligence called Business Rules that allows your system to learn new functionalities and new way to manipulate the data generated from your object. A dynamic system build on the experience he learn over your daily usage.

The first Web OS.

You just need an internet connection and a browser to reach your apps, and your objects. You do not need to occupy space on your smartphone, tablet or PC to use them!

Administer. Create.

Manage your Apps, share them, create new users, assign privileges, change passwords and more. In addition, more advanced users can create custom Business Rules that allows App to exchange data and functions.

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