Apio Gateway allows wireless devices from different producer to connect to the internet using the full potential of ApioOS.

one device
to rule them all.

Apio Gateway creates a multiprotocol network where devices that speak different languages interact with each other. EnOcean, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LWM, Modbus... For the first time your objects will be part of one big family.

Let's start from here

Unpack, Connect...Installed!

Apio gateway has a special discovery function that allows to automatically identify any device when it first power on. This feature eliminates any installation process by reducing everything to a single click. What are you waiting for? Connect it!

A dongle
for every protocol

Apio Gateway learns a language every time you connect a new dongle, so, simply connecting a USB dongle you can expand the your system.

If there is no internet connection?

You can continue to work thanks to the Gateway that provides a Local Cloud that backups your last three days data. When internet connection is restablish, the Gateway will automatically synchronize with the Cloud (it contains the entire life of your items).

Let's keep your data safe

Apio Gateway integrates a special UPS that protects against electrical surges, and in case of problems to the power line, turns it off in a controlled way, so that the integrity of the system is always guaranteed.

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